Arizona DEM Senate Candidate Mark Kelly’s Campaign Spokesman Apologizes for Calling Cops ‘Worthless F@&#ing Pigs’

Imagine if you will, a United States Senate candidate’s official spokesman saying that the police are “Worthless F***ing Pigs.” That actually happened, and the mainstream media isn’t even touching it. If it was a GOP candidate, or a Pro Trump candidate, it would be the #1 story in the media.

The campaign spokesman for the Democrat candidate for he U.S. Senate in Arizona has now apologized for a tweet he wrote just before joining the campaign where he called the police “Worthless F***ing Pigs.”

The following is from The Washington Times:

T.J. L’Heureux, Mr. Kelly’s deputy press secretary, called police “worthless f–ing pigs” in response to a video that showed Chicago police clashing with protesters in August. He joined Mr. Kelly’s campaign one week later.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported the tweet Thursday morning, prompting Mr. L’Heureux to delete the tweet and lock his account.

“I deeply regret my comment and apologize for what I wrote — I was wrong,” he later said in a statement provided to The Arizona Republic. “My comment does not reflect who I am or what I believe, and most importantly, it is not representative of what this campaign stands for. The language I used and the sentiment I conveyed do not belong in our political process, which is why I have deleted the tweet.”

A statement from Mr. Kelly’s communications director, Jacob Peters, said the Senate candidate is the son of two police officers and respects law enforcement, and that disciplinary action was taken as soon as the campaign was made aware of Mr. L’Heureux’s tweet.

“Our campaign values the public service, bravery and sacrifice of police officers across our nation,” Mr. Peters said, The Arizona Republic reported. “The tweet posted by a junior staff member is unacceptable and we are taking the appropriate action.”

His opponent also a veteran fighter pilot Martha McSally has accused him of being anti-police, and anti second amendment, which he continues to deny despite Project Veritas’s undercover work and investigations showing his staffers talking about Kelly’s disdain for gun rights in America.

You can read more from our friends at The Washington Times.

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