Are Jake Paul and ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson Reportedly in Advanced Negotiations and Talks to Fight this Year?

YouTube sensation now Professional Boxer Jake Paul is reportedly in advanced talks negotiating a potential fight with boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson.

Despite the 30-year age difference between the two fighters, this has real weight to it.

Tyson, a former multiple time Heavyweight Champion of the world, made a comeback in 2020 after 15 years off, and literally beat the breaks off of Roy Jones Jr. Now it was ruled a draw because of the exhibition nature, but Tyson was in phenomenal shape, and worked Jones over something fierce. It was brutal to watch.

The former World Champion is now seeking another pay-per-view matchup with Paul, who has a gimmicky professional boxing career where he now has a respectable 5-0 record.

“Mike and Jake are on board for an exhibition bout in Las Vegas,” a source reported, according to The Sun.

“A verbal deal has been struck to get it on, but like all forms of sports business, now it’s all about the contracts and money split. Mike is looking for a certain figure to get into the ring with a profit share guarantee.”

“Jake obviously has that on his mind but is keen to show the world that stepping into the ring with a man once called the baddest man on the planet, takes his boxing career to the next level,” the report added.

Paul in his last fight shocked fans when he knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley back in December in the 6th round of a professional boxing match.

Paul was named Sports Illustrated’s “2021 Breakout Boxer of the Year” in January.

“Just five fights into his professional boxing career, the 24-year-old lightning rod has elevated the sport while skipping its outdated ladder to success,” Sports Illustrated noted.

“Jake Paul raked in a combined $40 MILLION from his three boxing victories in 2021, per @Forbes,” Sports Illustrated tweeted.

Paul Thanked Sports Illustrated for the honor.

“Wow. I got into boxing because I needed a new calling in life and in the process I fell in love with this amazing sport and decided to dedicate my life to it,” Paul said.

“People have doubted me my whole life. It’s nothing new,” he added.

Paul and Tyson shared time together during a “Hot Boxin’” podcast in which Tyson interviewed Jake in 2021.

The announcement of the potential historic matchup also comes on January 17, Paul’s 25th birthday.

But Tyson, who partied with Paul over New Year, has now said: “This is new to me. I saw Jake in St. Barths and he never mentioned it.”

We’ll keep you updated on if this fight comes to fruition.

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