Apple Introduces New ‘Lockdown Mode’ to Protect iPhones from State-Sponsored Hacking Hours After Hunter Biden’s Phone is Hacked

Apple announced a new feature for iPhones called Lockdown Mode on Wednesday just hours after Hunter Biden’s iPhone and iCloud data was allegedly hacked by 4Chan users and spread across the internet.

The Biden data from the phone reveals videos of Hunter arguing with hookers over how much crack he has, along with more illicit pictures and criminal activities.

The new Lockdown Mode is intended for high profile users such as politicians and activists who may be targeted by state-sponsored hackers.

Lockdown Mode turns off several features on the iPhone in order to make it less vulnerable to spyware by significantly reducing the number of features that attackers can access and potentially hack.

Specifically the new mode disables many preview features in iMessage, limits JavaScript on the Safari browser, prevents new configuration profiles from being installed, blocks wired connections and therefore prevents the devices’ data from being copied. It also shuts down incoming Apple service requests including FaceTime.

According to Apple, the tech giant will pay up to $2 million to researchers who find a flaw in the security Lockdown Mode.

The iPhone maker has faced increasing calls from governments to address the issue, but the timing right after Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup is hacked is super special isn’t it America?

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