AP Corrects Ivermectin Fake News — Only 2% Poison Control Calls, Not 70% as Reported by Mainstream Media

The Associated Press put out an untruthful article that they have now corrected, stating that been 70 percent of Mississippi’s poison control calls were related to an FDA approved drug that some doctors are using to successfully treat Covid-19.

Here’s what the AP said.

That’s right, the good ole Associated Press reported this, and it was like most things the mainstream media reports, a farce.

As it turns out, only 2% of the state’s poison control calls were due to ivermectin poisoning. The prestigious media organization had egg on its face when an update issued two days later admitted their original reporting was off by 3,400 percent. Just a tad off there AP.

Here’s the correction they wrote on it.

Instead of deleting the original story that was false, they just made this small amendment to it.

The error was so horrific and egregious that it went out as its own separate headline, distributed among innumerable Associated Press syndicates.

The blunder was of course blamed on the Mississippi Department of Health misreporting its figures. I’m sure you’re all totally shocked by this.

Despite the correction basically derailing the story’s entire premise, no other edits were made to the article which attempted to demonize the effectiveness of the anti-parasitic drug. This is absolutely criminal that they are more concerned with politics than saving lives America!

The AP’s correction preceded news that UFC Commentator, top rated podcast host, and comedian Joe Rogan had taken Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19 and was healthy and negative two days later after taking Ivermectin.

Rolling Stone Magazine was also forced to issue an update on the fraudulent and popular story claiming an Oklahoma hospital was turning away gunshot victims because they were treating Ivermectin overdoses. These clowns lie about everything, but of course, they are never called out for it.

Meanwhile as if this wasn’t unraveling enough for the mainstream media, liberals, and radical Democrats in America, Japan’s top medical official Dr. Haruo Ozaki has now urged widespread use of the drug in the population, citing major statistics it works as a preventative treatment.

Thanks to our friends at InfoWars for contributing to this article.

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