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AOC Calls Jewish Trump Adviser Stephen Miller a ‘White Nationalist’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to make false statements in the world of politics.

On Wednesday, she threw out a tweet on Twitter calling one of the President’s top advisers Stephen Miller a “White Nationalist.”

“Stephen Miller must resign. Now. Each day we allow a white nationalist to be in charge of US immigration policy is a day where thousands of children & families lives are in danger. This year alone, under Miller’s direction, the US has put almost 70,000 children in custody.” -Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Not realizing he was Jewish, and offering no retraction of course.

Our own Matt Couch was quick to point this out to the freshman Congresswoman from New York.

“You realize he’s Jewish right genius???” Couch stated to AOC.

All of this idiocy stemmed from AOC starting a petition to remove Miller from his position. Here’s a newsflash, he works for the President, and the President gets to pick and choose who works for him, not Congress.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how insane is AOC?

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Craig Lowell (@craigrlowell)

Everyone knows he’s Jewish, dumbass. Yet that didn’t stop him from sending white supremacist propaganda articles to numerous journalists.

1 year ago

She should be forced to resign! She hateS the USA!

Jethro Somes
1 year ago

Dude. Miller is a freak. Maybe he hit his head when he fell out of the womb. His own family is ashamed. He needs to be removed from government – maybe sent to Greenland; Santa Monica doesn’t want him back.

Jane Yavis
Jane Yavis
1 year ago

Not an AOC fan, but on this, she’s right. Steven Miller is Trump’s real first born,

1 year ago


Jesus Melendez
Jesus Melendez
1 year ago

My race or not… He should call her a hypocrite anti-American brown socialist!

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