AOC: ‘Billionaires Should Not Exist’

She’s back, and this time telling you that the government should be able to control peoples wealth in a capitalism environment.

It’s been apparent for some time that AOC has one goal for America and that’s socialism.

She doubled down on here idiocy on Thursday.

Billionaires should not exist” does not mean certain people should not exist. It means no person should have a billion dollars. The ascent of billionaires is a symptom & outcome of an immoral system that tells people affordable insulin is impossible but exploitation is fine,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in her tweet.

She was responding to an interview of Blackstone’s Schwarzman who was quoted as saying that “Maybe Bernie Sanders should not exist”, in reference to another tweet from Sen. Sanders in which he also called for “Billionaires shouldn’t exist.

Isn’t it amazing how the left is so ignorant that they don’t even understand satire?

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Ellis Reyes
3 years ago

Maybe semi-literate bartenders shouldn’t be in Congress.

Juergen Weber
Juergen Weber
3 years ago

Is she auditioning for a new Horror Movie? She is a true horror.

Sonny Vice
Sonny Vice
3 years ago

AOC is kind, wise and in most definitely insightful. To bad she’s too young to be president.