Antifa Member Caught With Illegal Gun at Capitol Riot Released Without Charges: Innocent Patriots Still in Jail Without Bail

While the media likes to paint January 6th as some sort of massive, violent armed insurrection at the Capitol…the truth is that very few people were actually arrested for carrying weapons there at all. Only 7 individuals were arrested either before or after the riot for carrying illegal weapons according to NBC… one was only carrying brass knuckles, and another was carrying something to break windows in case of emergencies. Out of the 5 that were arrested for having guns…one actually turned out to be Antifa that was there with the intention of causing trouble by counter-protesting. So much for claiming Antifa was mixed into the crowd to stir trouble as being a “conspiracy theory.” Is now a good time to remind the media that John Sullivan who was one of the main characters that broke into the Capitol was only a bonafide radical leftist pretending to be a Trump supporter to cause trouble?

Per NBC: “Leslie Grimes (who NBC fails to mention is actually a man named Logan identifying as female, they also fail to mention he has direct ties to BLM as well) and two fellow antifa members drove to Washington from Michigan to counterdemonstrate during the Trump rally. According to one of Grimes’ friends, the group walked around for a while but returned to the car after Grimes was roughed by some Trump supporters. As the trio were getting into the car, they were surrounded by officers who said someone had reported that they were seen “putting weapons in the trunk,” according to a video of the encounter posted on Facebook. One of the three denied that there were any weapons in the car, but officers found a handgun in the trunk. Grimes was taken into custody on a charge of possessing an unlicensed gun after she told the officers the firearm belonged to her. She spent the night in jail, but authorities declined to move forward with charges, according to her attorney.”

You mean to tell me that the FBI did a full manhunt for every man, woman, and grandma that was at the Capitol that day….but let 3 Antifa members who lied to the cops go completely unpunished when they were one of the very few people who actually had an illegal firearm? Why? I had the FBI come to my door to ask about a picture someone sent them of me OUTSIDE the Capitol. Over 440 Patriots have been charged so far whether they were inside the Capitol or not. There are two people sitting in jail without bail right now for the “murder” of a cop that was ruled natural causes (stroke) back in April, but an Antifa member with an illegal gun at the Capitol barely makes the news and has to be found buried in an article meant to paint Trump supporters as “bad?” You would think after multiple videos of cops letting people in, and the fact the Capitol had impossible to open magnetic doors that were left unlocked that they’d start releasing and dropping charges of some of these Patriots. The DC Attorney General has publicly stated that none of the BLM protesters that burned and looted the city last summer will be charged….so why are they coming down so hard on Patriots that took selfies in a building their taxes pay for anyway? They didn’t burn anything down or kill anybody, in fact the Capitol police killed one of them who was visibly unarmed and they will not release the identity of the cop that shot her. When have you ever heard of that happening? The judicial system in our country has become politically biased and weaponized, it’s hard to think of any reason these circumstances are twisted around like this other than it serves as a deterrent to stop other citizens from protesting what they believe to be is a corrupt government and administration.

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[…] • We were right that police let protesters into the Capitol that day, there’s video and everything. Out of the 5 people arrested for firearms there, 1 was a BLM/Antifa supporter there to cause trouble. Unlike the other 440+ Patriots that were arrested….this trans Antifa member was let go without a single charge. […]


[…] at the Capitol for illegal firearms….and one was a trans Antifa counter protester, that was let completely go without a single charge as were the two Antifa accomplices that originally lied to the cops that were with them. But wait, […]


[…] at the Capitol with illegal firearms….and one was a trans Antifa counter protester that was let completely go without a single charge, as were the two Antifa accomplices that lied to the cops about the weapons that were with him. But […]