Anti-Mask Governor candidate goes OFF

Naturopathic Doctor, Mark Sherwood is an anti-mask mandate, anti-vaccine mandate candidate who is running for Oklahoma Governor to defeat current Governor Kevin Stitt. Dr. Sherwood has treated over 9,500 covid patients with ZERO deaths. He has seen firsthand the effects of covid and how to treat covid as well. In his observations, Dr. Sherwood has come to the conclusion that the masks are not needed, nor are the vaccines. Dr. Sherwood is not only against masks because he believes them to be useless in the against covid-19, but he also believes that what the government is doing currently with mandates is evil and unconstitutional. Dr. Sherwood has made it very clear that he believes that any mandate that has to do with covid-19 is about controlling the American people.

The communist, marxist, and fascist of the Biden Regime have used the pLandemic to instill fear into the hearts of great Americans. A populous in fear can easily be controlled and willingly give up their liberties. It is not the proper role of Government, nor its responsibility to make people feel safe, keep them healthy, mandate them to use a medical devise (mask), or force free citizens to take an experimental drug into their body.

Dr. Sherwood has made a strong commitment to fight against the Biden regime at all costs to protect the freedom and liberties of Oklahoma citizens. He believes that the current Governor, Kevin Stitt, has been weak against the most important issues that Oklahomans face every day. Sherwood is tired of what he sees not only in the federal government but in the state of Oklahoma, so he has risen to the task to help fill the void in Oklahoma.

As your next Governor, I can assure you, I will aggressively fight back against this agenda! I will have a zero-tolerance policy for mask and vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and lockdowns! I assure you under my administration, the thousands of hard-working and amazing employees across Oklahoma who have or will be soon jobless due to their unwillingness to comply with forced vaccines as a prerequisite for employment would still be employed and would continue to be employed in Oklahoma! Let me also go on record by saying, if I was the current Governor, I would have already called an emergency special session asking the legislators to put a bill on my desk that would protect the rights of Oklahomans against this present communist agenda. With this in mind, I will support YOUR individual rights as Oklahomans to educate yourselves and make the best decision for yourselves and your families.

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