Angry Viewers Press ABC to Fire ‘The Views’ Whoopi Goldberg Over Repulsive Comments

Whoopi Goldberg, never exactly the sharpest or most reasonable tool in the shed, has been going off the rails even more than normal recently and has led many to start calling her to be booted from the ABC show “The View,” for good.

Apparently, Holocaust minimization, comments about race, and vulgar language when discussing parenting are just too much even for the average person who watches “The View.” Sure happy I’m not average.

So, many people are calling for her to be booted. The Sun, a United Kingdom paper, quotes viewers as saying, “Someone needs to start pushing back on Whoopi. I have a feeling someone will not let her interject one day which will cause Whoopi to go full-on nuts. She has gotten exponentially worse this season I hope next time contract negotiations are up its time to go, or work less days.”

“I have no idea what ABC thinks is happening here. They take several women, with no real credibility and let them mouth off day after cay and they’re surprised that one day someone says something stupid?” a viewer said.

“Completely agree about Whoopie. She shuts down any opinion she doesn’t agree with,” another viewer claimed.

Indeed, she does, as shown by what happens whenever the nominal Republican even slightly pushed back on whatever deranged idea Whoopi, Behar, or Hostin are uttering.

And now the fight to get Whoopi fired from “The View” has taken another large step with over 40,000 people signing apetition demanding that she be fired.

The petition, which focuses mainly on her comments about the Holocaust says that Whoopi has made numerous remarks about race that have ruffled feathers. But her most recent comment attacking victims of the Holocaust and the entire Jewish community are disgusting. Apologies are not enough when it comes to things like this. This can’t and will not be forgotten.

We as Americans demand that she be fired from the daytime TV show “The View” for her repulsive verbiage and actions, the petition also stated.

As reminder, Whoopi, when speaking on the topic of race relations and the Holocaust, said that the mass slaughter was “was not about race” because both the Nazis and Jews were white.

She was then suspended for a few weeks and also left for awhile to appear in a movie, but is now back on “The View” and back to ruffling feathers, with annoyed daytime TV watchers wanting her gone.

In the grand scheme of things, what happens to Whoopi obviously matters very little. But it sure is fun watching the left eat one of its own, particularly when the one they’re eating is an inveterate leftist who’s seeming to the left of Karl Marx and Ibrahim X Kendi’s love child.

Furthermore, it is funny to see what sets off daytime TV audiences the most. According to the Sun, what set off the most recent push to get Whoopi fired was her comment that “Sometimes you have to be an ass to be a parent.”

Regardless, Whoopi is both horrible and an enemy of the right, so let’s hope ABC takes the advice of TV viewers and fires her!

We appreciate Gen Z Conservative for content in this article.

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Randy N Mitten
Randy N Mitten
10 months ago

Too little too late. Someone should have done something sooner. She rates right up their with Al Sharpton, pos chicago mayor blackfoot and put thats ok black privledge is strong. Shame, all that power could be used to stop black on black murders. Oh wait, thats not the agenda.

Mike Tracy
Mike Tracy
10 months ago

I think whoopi should stay on the view. She’s such a typical liberal. She throws a fit if she gets cornered in an argument, and she just spews ignorant racist remarks thats so typical of democrats when they can’t have their way. She makes me laugh; she’s so stupid. Leave her on the show, and by all means, pay her well. She’s doing a wonderful job of burying the Democratic Party forever. The donky show!

10 months ago

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