An Alabama Megachurch Will Form Its Own Police Force After New Law Passes

An Alabama MegaChurch will form it’s own police force thanks to a new law permitting the church to do so in order to protect itself.

The law was signed by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, and authorizes the Briarwood Presbyterian to “appoint and employ one or more suitable persons to act as police officers to protect the property of the school or academy.”

The bill four years ago didn’t pass as members in the Alabama State legislature claimed it was tied to racism.

The PCA (Presbyterian Church Academy) originated in the 1970s in Alabama.

In 2016 the church apologized for “racial sins” that included “the segregation of worshipers by race” as well as “the participation in and defense of white supremacist organizations,” the report says.

The Church has over 4,100 members, and two schools with over 2,000 students.

They say it is necessary to keep their congregation and student body safe.

What are your thoughts on this America?

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3 years ago

Yeah, no possible way that a “church” hiring an Inquisition (oh, sorry, “police force”) will go at all worse than the existing poisoning that has been done to legit police departments…

John Heth
John Heth
3 years ago

PCA is wrongly described in your article. It is not Presbyterian Church Academy, it is Presbyterian Church in America which is one of several Presbyterian denominations. The PCA is theologically conservative which means it holds to biblical inerrancy and does not support same-sex marriage. The PCA does not ordain homosexuals as pastors or elders.