Americans Trust in the Presidency Has Dropped and Continues to Plummet in New Polls

A recent Gallup poll showed that Americans’ trust in the presidency is at a record low under President Joe Biden. It’s about time this has happened, and it couldn’t have happened to a better commander-in-chief. And, America’s confidence is down in most of the country’s major institutions.

​Since 1975, Gallup has polled Americans to gauge their level of faith in the nation’s most prominent institutions. Between 2020 and 2021, confidence in institutions like Congress, the presidency, the media, religion, and other areas saw a drastic decline. But what is most noteworthy is that now, only 23% indicated they trust the office “a great deal” or “quite a lot.” This marks a 15-point drop and is lower than what it was under former President Donald Trump, a fact that the activist media would rather you didn’t know.

But it’s even worse. The Washington Examiner noted that confidence in the presidency is the lowest it has ever been since Gallup began conducting the survey.

Also, a recent Monmouth survey showed that a majority of respondents believes the federal government’s policies are harming them. This is also a departure from when the organizations conducted this poll in the past.

The Monmouth report also showed nearly half of the public names either inflation (33%) or gas prices (15%) as the biggest concern facing their family right now. The economy in general (9%) and paying everyday bills (6%) are among other financial concerns mentioned. Abortion, which has registered less than 1% on this question in prior Monmouth polls going back to 2015, is currently named 5%, predominantly among Democrats (9%). Inflation and gas prices are the top two-family concerns across a wide variety of demographic groups, including income race, and partisan identity. Inflation as a top concern emerged in Monmouth’s July 2021 poll at 5% and the grew to 14% in December, before more than doubling in the current pole. The current poll is also the first time that gas prices are mentioned by more than ahandful of Americans as their predominant issue. One year ago, the poll registered a wider variety of top issues, including the pandemic (17%), the economy (11%), everyday bills (11%), health care costs (7%) and job security (7%).

Figuring out why trust in the presidency has declined so much under Biden is about as easy as finding human feces on San Francisco’s streets. As it turns out, failing to address skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, the migrant crisis, and fouling up the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan does not exactly elicit confidence, does it?

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