AMERICA LAST IS BACK! Biden Propels U.S. Back Into Paris Climate Accord

Joe Biden has done exactly what he campaigned on, putting America and Americans last. On Friday he propelled the United States back into the horrible Paris Climate Accord, which American tax payers will front the majority of the bill.

“We can no longer delay or do the bare minimum to address climate change,” Biden said in remarks to the Munich security conference. “This is a global existential crisis, and all of us will suffer if we fail.”

Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office reversing the pullout ordered by President Donald Trump. The action then fulfilled Biden’s campaign promise and pledge.

Trump took the United States out of it because America was fronting the majority of the bill for all nations around the world, and rightfully so.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday that the official American reentry “is itself very important,” as is Biden’s announcement that the U.S. will return to providing climate aid to poorer nations, as promised in 2009.

Because, you know it’s really important what the United Nations thinks of America, right?

Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, the top Republican on the Senate energy panel, has criticized Biden for rejoining the Paris accord, tweeting: “Returning to the Paris climate agreement will raise Americans’ energy costs and won’t solve climate change. The Biden administration will set unworkable targets for the United States while China and Russia can continue with business as usual.”

I wonder how much our taxes are going up now to pay for the rest of the worlds problems America?

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