America First Media visits with Tropicana Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Our Team had the pleasure of spending many days and hours this week with the friendly Management and Staff of the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. A controversial video that’s been all over the internet of a man walking with police in a baseball jersey has been talked about heavily from the October 1st shooting. America First Media wanted to get answers from the horses mouth, not second hand guessing, or rumors.

I was blessed enough to travel to Las Vegas, NV with two of my America First Media Group Teammates. Bill Pierce, 23 year Licensed in Multiple States Private Investigator, and the SWAT Commander of a Major Metropolitan Police Department. (We won’t name him due to security reasons). He has 20+ Years in Law Enforcement. Our Team has Multiple LEO, Intel Agency, and Deep Researchers. I’m blessed to be a part of this, and it feels good to be doing the right thing, reporting the truth, no matter what the outcome.

One of the Heads of Security for the Hotel took time to sit down with us and take a look at the video from October 1st. He stated: “I have no clue who that guy is, and I’ve seen the video at least 100 times. Many people have shown this to me” We asked if he could possibly be a Jason Buff that’s rumored work there in security, and could this be him? He stated “No, we have no Jason Buff that works here or for me. However we do have a Jason Buffington, and that’s not him, not even close” Bill Pierce, our Private Investigator asked again “You’re sure this isn’t Jason Buffington?” He reiterated “No, not him by a long shot”.

We Thanked one of the Heads of Security at the Hotel for taking time to meet with us, sit down, watch the video, and discuss our Investigation. We moved on from there to talking with the Hospitality Manager for the Hotel at the Tropicana. He also watched the video of the man in the baseball Jersey walking with a Security guard, and Police. When asked if this was Jason Buff, or a Hotel Employee he stated “Don’t know him, he doesn’t work here”. We asked the question again, and he again stated the same thing. We spoke to 35-40 Employees at the Tropicana Hotel. Dealers, Bartenders, Cocktail Waitresses, Maintenance Staff, Guest Services, Cashiers, Security Supervisors, Hospitality Managers, and no one has ever seen this person as an employee of the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

It is the conclusion of America First Media Group, after speaking with several employees,(security supervisors, security staff,waitresses,dealers etc) at the Tropicana and showing them the video, our sound opinion is the man being escorted isn’t the prince and most likely is not employed as a security guard. No one recognized him.

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