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Las Vegas is a fickle story out of Nevada. The Mainstream Media refuses to report on it. The FBI says they are done with it, and shipping Stephen Paddock’s brain to California. (Yes that happened) Las Vegas Police Department today admitted they lied, and SWAT did in fact kill Stephen Paddock. So they say, but they lied once, why not lie again, right America?

On Saturday I went LIVE on Periscope to discuss the Helicopter that may have done an extraction over the Delano Hotel. Today I went live as three more Helictopers were discovered, for a total of four the night of the shooting in Las Vegas. There are so many questions, here’s a few below.

Still to date, we have yet to see the following in the Las Vegas Massacre.

  • Video Footage from the Lobby of the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • Video from the Valet area from the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • Video from the Parking Garage from the Mandalay Hotel
  • Video from the Elevators from the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • Video from the Service Elevators from the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • Video from the Hallways of the 32nd Floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

These are just a few things missing in the Las Vegas Massacre. We’ve also yet to see the SWAT video entering the room of Stephen Paddock, why?

The following is from our friends at , who’ve done an amazing job on FAA Flight records, etc.

Flight records and information obtained by Intellihub show that at least one assailant may have been extracted via helicopter for a 10:21 p.m. EXFIL from the southwest rooftop of the Delano Hotel just four minutes before Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department helicopter  N911WY arrived in the vicinity for the first time since shots were fired at crowd goers attending the Route 91 Harvest Music festival around 10:05 p.m., as the timeline indicates.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the aircraft’s transponder was transmitting the call sign “SWA4119” which is registered to a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 passenger jet with the tail number “WN4119.”

According to the data, SWA4119 was originally scheduled to depart Tulsa (TUL) at 14:10 and arrive in Las Vegas (LAS) at 15:00 but was somehow delayed for over 7-hours giving “SWA4119” a new arrival time of 22:22 (10:22 p.m.) which doesn’t make sense because the craft was headed north and was too close to the airport to be aligned with any of the runaways.

You see, the aircraft that was displaying “SWA4119” between 10:21 and 10:22 p.m., which emerged on radar for the first time at 10:21, absolutely can not be a passenger jetbecause the actual flight data confirms that the aircraft slowed to a stop then changed its direction abruptly to a due north heading before proceeding to hover over the Delano in a very specific spot for approximately one-minute (i.e. the craft in question was, in fact, a helicopter because jets simply cannot hover or change speed and direction with such intensity.) This means that the operators of the craft were intentionally transmitting a fictitious call sign before going dark (invisible) from radar altogether.

To top it off, the Oct. 1 flight data for Southwest Airlines “WN4119” is showing inconsistencies.

The following screen-capture of the the aircraft’s flight history shows that “SWA4119” landed at 10:22 p.m. at (LAS) despite the fact that a transponder was pinging from the rooftop of the Delano at that exact same time.

Not to mention, the tail number listed for that exact flight is “N227WN” and not “WN4119” as the transponder was emitting in real-time suggesting that the plane on the tarmac that “landed” was “N227WN” which is a different aircraft entirely.


Who did the helicopter extract? We can safely say that it was an extraction because the aircraft’s transponder was turned off upon leaving the rooftop, not upon approach (i.e. it was trying to mask its exit from the scene.)

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Mark Grothe
Mark Grothe
5 years ago

Good points Matt!