America First Media Group launches New Go Fund Me for operations


America First Media launched a New Go Fund Me Sunday after PayPal shut down our efforts do to their continued censorship towards Conservatives. The page has the following message.

Matt Couch is the host and founder of America First Media Group. All funds raised will be used to support Matt (who does this full time now) and Travel for his team of Investigators. 

Funds will be used for Travel, Equipment, Websites, Gear, Running Reports, Deep Research, bandwidth devices, and other occurrences as needed.

Funding is crucial for our Team. We are 100% Self Funded, and 100% Crowd Funded. We are in a battle for the truth on many fronts.

Your donation means the World to Matt and America First Media. We are an Independent Investigative Journalist Team of real Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Officers, Former Homicide Detectives, and Agency personnel. 

We are blessed and honored to have your support America. Thank You!

You can visit the Go Fund Me HERE

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