America First Media Confirms Man in Baseball Jersey at Tropicana Hotel Not Security

America First Media after spending almost 7 hours at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, NV last night has confirmed that the man in the baseball jersey is not the Head of Security or Security for the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Speaking with multiple employees and members of management, they explained to our team of Investigators they have never seen this man before. One employee said “He’s headed for the cages when he turns off in this video, he has to be a high roller of some kind, he’s not security”.

Speaking with one employee who had worked at the Tropicana for 17 years she stated “I’ve never seen that man before, and I’ve been here 17 years. Our Security Officers regardless of being called in would never be dressed like that, they’re professionals” The Tropicana Veteran employee then called her supervisor over and we showed her the YouTube video of the man walking with Police. She took one look at the video and said, “Has to be headed to the cages and is a high roller. Our High Rollers here at the Tropicana have access to their own safes inside the cages. That’s where they are headed when they turn off and leave the Police escort.”

Now the question remains, who is this man known as Jason Buff? Is he a real person? Why was he at the Tropicana Hotel and being escorted to the cages. Many false reports tried to claim the group leading him was a SWAT team. We know that’s not true as well. We are accompanied on this trip by an Active Metropolitan SWAT Commander. He stated “None of those people were SWAT members, they were not tactically sound enough, and would have never lead a dignitary without rear support. Also, SWAT never uses Shot Guns, it’s not how they operate”.

Many reports from members of what we like to call the Fake News attention grabber media had reported falsely that he was the Head of Security for the Tropicana Hotel here in Las Vegas, NV. This is why you ask the questions and do the research America. Don’t take your news from Felon’s Con Men, or those that are just after likes and followers. We’ll always hit you in the mouth with the Truth, America First Media has made a habit of it.

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4 years ago

So….who is Jason buff??? Leaving us hanging! (Btw good investigative work!)

4 years ago

Yep, according to mike closer #closer nation he is one of the saudi’s that was staying at the 4 seasons, and that is his security detail cause their was a hit on hin from the crown prince…the saudie coop taking place