Ambassador Bridge Connecting Canada and US Reopens

The Ambassador Bridge was reopened late Sunday after protest against COVID-19 had the major bridge connecting shut down for almost a week. This is the busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing as it connects Detroit​ to Ontario. A judge allowed police to move in and arrest protesters blockading the major bridge, over the weekend.

The Ambassador Bridge connects Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan and is the single busiest international land border crossing in North American, accommodating 27% of the approximately $400 billion in annual trade between Canada and the U.S. Almost 3.5 million commercial vehicles used the bridge in 2000, the most recent statistics show.

Monday morning saw traffic flowing again after the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers joined by thousands of protesters on foot, blocking entrances to the bridge, stretching from the capital, Ottawa.

The Detroit International Bridge Co. said in a statement said, “The Ambassador Bridge is now fully open allowing free flow of commerce between the Canada and U.S. economies once again.” Later in a text, Esther Jentzen, spokeswoman for the company told the Associated Press that the bridge was reopened to traffic at 11 p.m. EST Monday evening.

Police on Sunday swept through the lingering protest that has brought a week of chaos to the massive bridge linking Detroit to Canada, arresting a few truckers and other protesters still attempting to block North America’s largest border crossing.

Canada’s “freedom Convoy” trucker protest had caused major disruption across the country, causing the gridlock in the capital city of Ottawa, shutting down or disrupting key U.S. border crossings for about a week.

Canadian police faced a growing group of protesters on Saturday, as efforts to clear the crowd blocking appeared it stall. A Canadian judge had said on Friday he would grant police permission to move protestors who have blocked off most access to the U.S.-Canada trade route.​

Canadian police arrested the remaining protesters on Saturday near the bridge allowing the bridge to be fully opened.

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