Alyssa Milano Confronts James Woods Gets Crushed

Alyssa Milano decided to take her insanity and judgmental overtones towards conservatives and Trump supporters by attacking actor James Woods.

Woods made a tweet directed towards our friends on the liberal left. The left as many of you know doesn’t take to well to facts.

Milano could’t wait to respond with what she thought was a snarky response to Woods, “In the event you don’t speak Red Hat, I think what James Woods is saying in the below tweet is: if you’re a minority of any kind, sit down and shut up. Please correct me if I’m wrong”

Woods response is absolutely epic. “I shan’t engage in a battle of wits with you, Alyssa, as I have a soft spot for the disadvantaged. That said, I have always been a fan…”

Woods is sharp as a tack and Milano just found out first hand that you don’t mess with the man who beat Diggstown!

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2 years ago

Lefties — if you are entering a battle of wits, first be certain that you are armed.

2 years ago

James’ reply would have been perfect… if only he had left off the last sentence.