Alleged Waukesha Killer Shockingly Offered Unheard of Bail Again After Sixth Victim Dies

For starters, if you have a functioning brain, we’re sure you’re just like us here at The DC Patriot, and you’re asking yourself, how does someone accused of mass murdering a parade full of people get bail at all? We know, it’s absurd.

The following is from our friends at The Blaze:

Darrell Brooks, Jr., the suspect in the horrific attack on the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade, was offered the ability to post bail again Tuesday, albeit at the “extraordinary” amount of $5 million. Wisconsin law does permit judges to deny bail entirely to defendants under certain circumstances, a number of which would seem to apply to Brooks. 

Before stating their bail request, district attorneys read from Brooks’ lengthy rap sheet, which included prior offenses for jumping bail, and announced that they were asking for a $5 million bail amount. Court Commissioner Kevin M. Costello granted the requested amount, saying, “I have no problem with the bail being recommended by the state.”

Bail has become a hot-button issue in the Waukesha case after it was revealed that Brooks was released on a shockingly low $1,000 bail just ten days before he allegedly perpetrated the massacre at the Christmas parade after being charged with, among other things, running over the mother of his child with a vehicle. The Milwaukee County District Attorney admitted Monday that Brooks was released on an “inappropriately low” bail that was contrary to their office’s policy, and promised an internal review into the low bail recommendation.

Given Brooks’ history, many had hoped that he would be denied the opportunity to post bail entirely, as permitted under Wisconsin law.

During the hearing, the District Attorney made the announcement that a sixth of Brooks’ alleged victims had passed away from injuries sustained during the horrific attack, which caused Brooks to sob audibly in the court room, according to Fox News.

If Brooks is somehow able to post the $5 million bail, he would also be subject to a number of conditions including wearing an ankle monitor and being prohibited from driving a car. It’s still unbelievable after what everyone witnessed, he was driving the vehicle, and he’s getting bail. Unbelievable.

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