Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Free, Returns Home to Moscow

The Maria Butina saga appears to have finally come to an end.

Butina, a former graduate student at American University, admitted she and former Russian lawmaker Alexander Torshin worked to leverage contacts in the National Rifle Association (NRA) to gather information for the Kremlin about American conservative politics during the 2016 presidential election, when President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. 

Her lawyers said Friday that she was not a spy and that the case had nothing to do with espionage or election interference. 

“As the government acknowledged, all of her activity in the United States was, in and of itself, legal but for her failure to file a notice with the Attorney General, an obligation prosecutors acknowledged she was unaware of,” her attorneys, Robert Driscoll and Alfred Carry, said in a statement. “For violating this notice requirement, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced.”This young lady was literally drug into the Russian hysteria and corrupt players involved and spent almost two years in American prisons.

Because of the Russian hysteria of the liberal left this young woman spent almost two years in a federal prison over not filing as a foreign agent, unbelievable.

Prosecutors last year claimed Butina used her contacts in the NRA and the National Prayer Breakfast to develop relationships with U.S. politicians to gather such insights. Butina has contended that she was not a spy and that her actions took place out in the open. Her lawyers have said that she was simply a student interested in American politics and better U.S.-Russian relations.

What are your thoughts America?

You can read more from our friends at Fox News.

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