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Alan Dershowitz Has Secret Trial Weapon That Will Help Trump ‘Big Time’

Harvard law professor and lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who will be assisting President Donald Trump in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, apparently has such a strong opening argument to make against Democrats that he claims no witnesses will even need to be called for the remainder of the trial.

According to The Hill, Dershowitz is expected to argue against the removal of the president from office based “solely on the Constitutional issue.”

Dershowitz, who also serves as a Fox News contributor, argues that even if Trump is actually guilty of the two articles of impeachment drafted against him — obstruction of Congress and abuse of power — they still do not meet the Constitutional definition of an impeachable offense.

“I’m making what could be the most important argument on the floor of the Senate,” Dershowitz said on Sunday during CNN’s State of the Union. “If my argument succeeds, if my argument prevails … then there is no need for witnesses.”

“I’m the kicker, and I can kick the field goal that wins the game,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz claimed that unless the House has charges that do meet the definition of being impeachable, then the trial is all but over, essentially before it even gets started.

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