Al Sharpton on MSNBC Show Slanders President Trump ‘He is Racist’

The hate and divide of the radical left was on full display tonight on MSNBC’s Deadline.

If you or I owed the amount of money that Al Sharpton does on taxes we would be in federal prison. But somehow Sharpton is on TV and traveling around with House Democrats on trips to places like South Africa.

Spike Lee fumbled through cue cards and insulted President Trump at the Oscar’s on Sunday night, and the President hit back hard on Twitter as he always does with this Tweet.

Al Sparpton just couldn’t wait to get on TV Friday night to call President Trump a racist as he likes to do so often.

Sharpton said, “I mean Spike Lee makes an acceptance speech at the Oscars and said do the right thing in 2020, and the president says he is talking race, he is a racist. He didn’t even mention race. But he didn’t even mention race. They are obsessed with race because that is who they are. And I think that we need to say as you would say in court we stipulate to the racism. Now let’s go on with the fact. I mean there is nothing else to say.”

He added, “Donald Trump takes every opportunity to whip up that crowd while he tries to tell people that he thinks are a little independent. ‘How dare they call me racist. Even though I’ve done and said, the country is a s-hole country and every other litany of things. But don’t call me that because we might need a few independents. But wink, wink you know I’m saying what we all believe.’”

You can watch the full video over at

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