United and Frontier Airlines Will Be Forcing Employees to Vaccinate or Face Termination

United Airlines will be forcing ALL their employees to take an untested, experimental vaccine just to keep their jobs, and Frontier is doing the same with the option to submit to constant testing. As to who’s supposed to pay for all the testing, or why they are requiring it after the CDC said they can’t differentiate between covid and any other cold….has not yet been disclosed. Also not mentioned is what happens if an employee does pop positive using these faulty tests, and if they’ll be paid sick leave by the company or just be not able to work for whatever predetermined period of time. Considering it’s entirely unconstitutional to ask for someone’s medical history, this seems like a unenforceable rule…unless they fully intend to break the law by asking like so many other businesses are attempting by demanding to see proof of vaccination. For an industry often in need of government bail outs, this should come as no surprise it is bending to pressure from an administration more interested in taking away people’s rights than defending them. Aside from the illegality of it, there is also a moral issue over the efficacy and safety of the vaccine itself, as it has not been FDA approved nor I doubt it will be considering the staggering amounts of “vaccinated” people catching covid and experiencing debilitating side effects as of late. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this illegitimate reign that is the Biden administration to defend the Constitution. Biden already admitted this week that he knows certain things have already been happening that aren’t “legal” …but seems unwilling to look past his own covid control narrative to do what’s right. The next step will likely be to require customers to show proof of vaccination in order to travel. While I predict other airlines will follow as to avoid getting selectively boycotted, it’s not too late to demand they change it as it will not go into effect for another month.

As for the reasoning, Frontier CEO Barry Biffle, he knows there are employees that don’t want to take an experimental shot, but he’s “claiming” he’s heard from more people that want it. Oh? Is that why no one else wants to take the vaccine in this country even though they’re literally giving it away for free? Let’s see if we can change that opinion quota….

Frontier Airlines: By phone call at 801-401-9000. Say “other options” at the first prompt, and say “feedback and concerns” at the second prompt. By email: Barry.Biffle@flyfrontier.com

United Airlines: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/customer/customercare

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