After Almost 20 Years, Air Force Will Fly Brand New F-15s

It’s been almost two decades since the United States Air Force has had an upgrade into it’s F-15 Fighter Jets. These jets don’t have the ability of stealth, but they do carry a ton of weaponry.

Thanks to President Trump, the military is getting rebuilt, stronger and better than ever before to defend Americans at home and abroad.

The new jets feature fully modern avionics, and it’s new ability to carry up to 22 air-to-air missiles, far more than the F-35.

The last purchase of F-15E jets by the Air Force was in 2001. This was when having an LCD Screen was a big deal, as opposed to the traditional ray tube displays found on big, boxy television sets.

The new F-15EX that will be used and purchased by America’s military might will feature all of the latest technologies. The brilliance of this is the integration was already paid for my foreign clients like Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Qatar.

Included as we mentioned earlier in this article, the ability to carry 22 air-to-air missiles, more powerful mission computers, new cockpit displays, a digital backbone, and the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System. (EPAWSS) an electronic warfare and threat identification system.

The Air Force had intended to purchase 8 fighters to start out with, but Congress would only allow them to buy 2, and then said they would approve the purchase of 6 more once reports are in that the new F-15EX is suitable and good to go.

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