African Immigrant Beaten & Robbed Over His MAGA Hat

An African immigrant was beaten and robbed over wearing his MAGA hat on Monday evening, where is the liberal outrage?

Two Maryland men are behind bars after they beat and robbed an African immigrant because he was wearing one of President Trump’s Make America Great Again hats, police said Monday.

Montgomery County police collared Jovan Crawford, 27, and Scott Duncan Roberson, 25, for allegedly pummeling Togo native Atsu Mable over his Trump cap, according to cops and local media.

“They were asking me, ‘Hey bro, why did you put that hat on?’ And I didn’t say anything, I just passed by,” Mable told WJLA-TV.

“They felt like a black man should not be wearing a Trump hat because it’s like when you are black, you have to be a Democrat,” Mable said. “I’ll wear it again.”

I’ll ask again, where is the liberal outrage? If these two were white men, would it be all over the news?

Crawford and Roberson, who are also black, allegedly smashed a pair of Mable’s headphones and tried to steal his cellphone, Mable said.

“I like everything that he does” Mable said of the president. “Like, I came here legally, “Why can’t all people come here legally then? I went through the right process, the proper channels and I’m here, so why can’t they do the same thing?”

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Lorraine Chavez Budner
Lorraine Chavez Budner
3 years ago

I ask myself the same darn question…why can’t they go through the process and come in through the front door instead of sneaking around to the backdoor?