AFM Seth Rich Investigation Report An Official Report by our Licensed Private Investigator Bill Pierce

AFM Seth Rich Investigation Report An Official Report by Our Licensed Private Investigator — Bill Pierce

July 22, 2017


Hannibal Moot


AFM Seth Rich Investigation Report

An Official Report by Our Licensed Private Investigator — Bill Pierce

The following is a statement put forth by Bill Pierce, an experienced and licensed private investigator, and integral part of the America First Media team working on the Seth Rich investigation.

Bill wanted to offer our supporters a look into the investigation through the eyes of a professional — unbiased, strictly fact based, and without emotional influence — a factor which has tainted many amateur sleuths in their attempts at solving crimes.

Speaking for myself, I cannot over-state how valuable Bill’s expertise and guidance has been. His shared experience has been instrumental in the credibility and success of our many findings thus far. I have learned much from Bill and I’m grateful for the education he has provided.

Here is Bill’s assessment of the investigation so far.

• • • • • • • •

Thursday, July 20, 2017

RE: Seth C. Rich summation report.

The purpose of this short dissertation is simply to put forth three possible and likely scenarios considering the given evidence, (or lack of). It is intended to remain as unbiased and unfiltered as possible. This report is by no means intended to be offered as conclusive and contains conjecture and theory based on several different criteria:

  • 23 years of investigative experience.

  • The experience and advice of other LEO’s and former FBI personnel. The current evidence at hand.

  • The lack of evidence.

  • Physical observance of the neighborhood in proximity to Flagler Ave.

  • Observing unsolicited comments from professionals on social media.

  • Observing actions of family, friends and other interested parties.

  • Past verifiable news reports, (examples being, lying about events, wiping servers, destroying evidence).


Scenario 1:

This scenario supports the theory of a “botched mugging”. For unknown reasons, Mr. Rich was walking outside in reasonably close proximity to his residence on Flagler Street on the morning of July 10, 2016.

*Whether Mr. Rich was proceeding home on foot from a bar, from a girlfriend’s residence, or was simply walking around outside due to poor cell phone reception within his residence is unknown and largely unimportant for this particular scenario.

Mr. Rich is followed briefly and approached by two individuals who, more than likely, initially went unnoticed by Mr. Rich. These individuals were quite possibly young inexperienced males who became easily angered and flustered when Mr. Rich fought back.

*As it is a basic human defense mechanism to fight back or run in a scenario such as this, the fact that Mr. Rich was not necessarily a “fighter” is inconsequential.

• • • • • • • •

Initially, a scuffle may have broken out in the street when the perpetrators attempted to mug Mr. Rich. The perpetrators pull a firearm with the intent to get Mr. Rich to submit in which he does not. Mr. Rich continues to resist turning his back to run and two shots are fired lodging in his back. As soon as the shots are fired, the perpetrators observed a potential witness at which time they panic and run away without removing anything from Mr. Rich.

*The bruising reported on one of Mr. Rich’s wrists could easily have been caused by someone grabbing for a watch or Fitbit and attempting to forcibly remove it during the struggle or immediately following the gunshots.

*The witness portion of the scenario can be supported by a verifiable witness who reported observing two black males running in the area near the time the gunshots were heard. It is easily feasible that the perpetrators saw this individual first.

Scenario 2:

This scenario supports the theory of a conspiracy, but not in the conventional sense. The conventional sense of a conspiracy typically states that a large number of individuals “conspire” among themselves to keep certain facts or events secret. At the time of this writing, I completely reject the notion of a typical and conventional “conspiracy”. Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “three people can keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead”.

In a conventional conspiracy, way too many people are involved. Too many people would need to be paid off, threatened or killed. Large groups of people can generally not keep a secret for very long. Low-level thugs are also usually quite egocentric and arrogant and thusly enjoy bragging all about their exploits to their other criminal minded friends..

*Even high-level government operations often cannot keep secrets, examples being Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Edward Snowden.

I submit that this conspiracy is actually the reverse of what one commonly thinks of as a “conspiracy” where too many people are involved. In this particular scenario, Mr. Rich was in fact a pre-determined target and was assassinated. However, in this scenario I do not believe that “most” of the police, family, or the majority of his coworkers are complicit or involved in any way. In this scenario, the silence and apparent apathy by the D.C. Police may actually be the result of a select group of officers diligently trying to trace it back to a small group of key players high up. This scenario may necessitate absolute secrecy even from within the department, and with the family as well in order to subsequently follow this series of events down rabbit holes that most would not care to venture into.

Scenario 3:

This scenario is short and consists of a simple but complete breakdown within the department during the investigation of scenario #1. This scenario suggests that due to apathy, incompetence or gross negligence, the D.C. Police have attempted to cover up mistakes made in the investigation.


This summation is compiled as theory and opinion with the best possible intelligence at the time. As more information is accumulated, we reserve the right to revise and edit any part of this report.

The author does not completely rule out any additional scenario. However, in keeping with the spirit of an unbiased and open-minded theology, all three scenarios need to be explored. Admittedly in the end, this leaves us with more questions than answers.

• • • • • • • •End of Summation• • • • • • • •

Thank you to all our supporters. This investigation would not be possible without your backing and your feedback.


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Thomas Hanson
Thomas Hanson
5 years ago

Awan Imran was in the bar with Mr. Rich earlier that night, per another website. There is no way that Mr. Rich was killed by coincidence; he was targeted, as was the Florida prosecutor, as have been hundreds of victims of the DNC, in my opinion, based on my experience as a citizen who simply reads the news like anyone else. There has to be someone who is the decision maker in all these killings. That this person goes undetected time and time again is suspicious to say the least.