AEW Owner Tony Khan Interested in “a few” of WWE’s Latest Releases

All Elite Wrestling is taking the wrestling world by storm, and AEW owner billionaire Tony Kahn has his eye on “a few” of the WWE’s latest misused and cut roster participants.

According to Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch, Kahn sat down with him to discuss a variety of subjects including adding new talent WWE has released.

Kahn of course wouldn’t name any names, but he did add the following.

“It’s terrible when anyone loses their work and I feel for them,” Tony Khan said. “I’m not trying to make light of everything, but everytime they let 20 people go, I think there have been in general one, two or three people in there that I am interested in and snatch up.” 

“They keep doing these mass layoffs and each time, I find a few people and the company gets a little stronger,” Khan continued. “I do see a few in this wave. I don’t want to say who or when I would be interested in them, but there are a few interesting people they let go and same goes with the last wave and the wave before that.”

While no one knows who Kahn’s major targets are, its’ been made apparent that he would like to sign Windham Rotunda, the former Bray Wyatt from WWE. Wyatt’s character was butchered by WWE creative, and it will be interesting to see what AEW does with him when he debuts.

Rumors are circling that Rotunda could debut at AEW’s massive Pay-Per-View Full Fear on Saturday night.

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