Adam Sandler Reveals Netflix Made Him Remove Plot Involving China in His Upcoming Film with LeBron James

Actor, Comedian, and Director Adam Sandler has revealed that Netflix madd him make major changes to his upcoming LeBron James produced basketball film, hustle, because it involved an original plot with China.

Shocker, Hollywood Elites, NBA Stars, trying to protect China. It’s easy to see who is paying the pockets of these clowns on a regular basis now days.

Sandler, speaking on The Dan Patrick Show discussed Netflix throwing a curve ball when he was asked about his role in the film. He plays a former basketball recruiter who discovers a young talent while traveling abroad.

“How do you come up with the idea that you’re going to do a movie about a basketball scout for the Sixers, down on his luck, [who] finds this great player and is going to bring him back to the NBA to somehow reclaim his career life?” asked Patrick.

First revealing that Patrick and his staff, The Dannettes, would make a cameo in the movie as themselves, exclaming, “By the way, you’re in the movie too, and so are The Dannettes and besides McLovin(Andrew Perloff), you’re playing yourself,” Sandler then turned to acknowledge that his role in the film came down to “total luck.”

“[LeBron James and Maverick Carter] brought it to me,” the actor continued. “It was written, originally, that I find a player in China, and somehow Netflix is not in China.”

He went on, “So, they were like, ‘Would you guys please make it that we find somebody in Latin America or Europe?’ So, next thing you know I’m in Majorca.”

“That’s how it happened?” asked Patrick, to which Sandler replied, “Yes, it was, originally, I find a player in China.”

The actor then revealed that he will be starring alongside Spanish NBA player Juan Alberto “Juancho” Hernangómez, who will play the role of the new recruit.

“And I find Juancho Hernangómez who’s just the greatest…I can’t tell you, Danny, he acts so much better than me, and every scene,” Sandler explained. “It’s just like, goddamn it. This guy is falling, crying in the middle of a scene, doing the right thing. Every joke he says, I’m like, ‘He said it smoother than I would have.’”

As Sandler revealed during the interview, Netflix is not available in China, and chances are slim that the popular streaming service will be made available in the Communist country any time soon.

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