Adam Calhoun, Tom MacDonald and The Biggest Screw Job In Music History as Industry Won’t Count Physical Sales for Billboard Numbers

This is one of the most amazing yet dreadful happenings in the history of music, as Tom MacDonald and Adam Calhoun are being screwed over by the music industry, because they are making waves.

MacDonald even went as far with his girlfriend and fellow artist/producer Nova Rockefeller to offer the counting company for billboard full access to see the numbers of physical sales, however they weren’t intelligent enough to actually understand what was happening.

Tom MacDonald does an amazing job explaining this enormous disservice and cluster F*** of epic proportions.

Watch the video’s from Tom and Adam below, it’s unbelievable.

Adam Calhoun weighed in as well, discussing how hard Tom and Nova had worked to get the information out.

A week later, Tom MacDonald shared a new video without physical sales, and The Brave is #1 on 8 different Billboard charts!

These guys are spreading the truth far and wide, and we highly encourage that you buy the album at and support Tom and Adam’s new album The Brave!

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