Actress Ellen Page Blames Pence & Trump over Jussie Smollet’s Attack

The liberals just can’t help themselves. They are literally a group without facts, a purpose, or a cause.

It seems all they have anymore is anti Trump rhetoric and hatred. Actress Ellen Page (I can’t even tell you what she’s starred in, and I don’t care) went on the Stephen Colbert show and blamed Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump for the alleged attack that happened to Jussie Smollet.

There’s only one problem with that assessment. There’s zero evidence this attack even took place. Smollett was supposedly out at 2:00 AM in Chicago in -10 below zero weather, with -20 below wind chills. You know, just chillin, right?

To even further that up, Smollett who claims he was on the phone with his manager at the time refuses to turn over his phone to Chicago Police. His Manager is also refusing to turn over his phone, even though they allegedly were on the phone when the attack happened. We reported this yesterday here.

Here’s another interesting point of this story. This same manager represents rapper YG whose first single was ‘FDT’ (F**k Donald Trump). That’s right, Brandon Moore, who manages Smollett also messages this guy.

His neighbor even went on to say she saw someone looking “redneck” outside their apartments. What exactly does looking “redneck” even mean? I mean that doesn’t sound stereotypical, racist, or judgmental, now does it?

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3 years ago

How can someone carry any culpability for something that cannot be proven to have happened. If Smollet will not let the police look at his phone, he is probably hiding something. If the video from the street cam only shows two other Black guys (without hats) on the street when Smollet passed by, then Smollet is probably as truthful as HR Clinton.