Abrams Again Begs Biden For VP Slot: ‘I Understand the Moment — I Was an Activist’

Now that Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, he’s going to need to select a running mate to help him defeat President Donald Trump.

One could argue that no one is making a bigger push to be Biden’s running mate than Stacey Abrams, the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate who still has not conceded the election from 2018 and claims she lost by more than 50,000 votes because of “voter suppression.”

During an interview Thursday on PBS’s “NewsHour,” Abrams again begged on live television to be Biden’s running mate. 

Host Judy Woodruff asked, “We know Joe Biden is considering you, among others, to be his vice-presidential running mate. Why are you the most qualified? You haven’t served in the Congress and the Senate, you haven’t run a state. What is your answer to that?”

Abrams responded with what seemed like an endless diatribe about how terrific she thinks she is.

“My answer is that Joe Biden knows who the most qualified person for him to be his partner will be. I have never espoused I am more qualified than anyone else. He has a surfeit of good opportunities and fantastic, smart, capable women,” Abrams began.

“I simply have said when asked if I’m in that number, I would say yes. I have legislative experience. I have deep legislative experience and success on a number of these issues, criminal justice reform, environmental issues, reproductive health, healthcare, economics. Also, I am a small business owner that understands the economy that we have to reform and recover,” she added.

Abrams continued: “I am someone who’s worked in foreign policy. I understand the moment that we’re in because I was once an activist who pushed for change, and I used that to propel me to help deliver that change once I was in office. And I think as he looks to select a partner, I think he has no shortage of good choices, and I’m proud to be among the names that he’s considering.”

Abrams has made it more than clear countless times that she would accept an offer to join Biden as his running mate.

Abrams told host podcast host Trymaine Lee recently that “it is an honor to be included among so many smart, capable, effective leaders,” and laid out her plan for how Democrats can take the White House and experience nationwide victory in down-ballot races.

Abrams said: “A woman of color can help Vice President Biden turn out voters that he needs who currently do not trust the leadership they see in Washington today.”

Last month, Abrams said she would be “honored” to be selected by Biden saying she “would be an excellent running mate.”

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