ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz told The View on Tuesday that in her 6,000 mile journey across the United States, she noticed little enthusiasm for Joe Biden’s campaign.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden. There’s a lot of enthusiasm among Democratic voters and some independents to get Donald Trump out but not necessarily that enthusiasm,” she said.

She also noted that Trump’s base of “hardcore” supporters was very enthusiastic about his reelection.  She said that recent scandals, including the release of Trump’s personal tax returns by the New York Times, did not phase his voters.

“The hardcore Trump voters, some of the people you just saw me talking to there, they basically say Trump walks on water.  Nothing will change their mind.  In fact, this morning, I called someone that I had talked to on the road trip about Donald Trump and the tax story, and he said, ‘Good for Donald Trump.  As long as it wasn’t illegal, I want the name of his accountant.’  So, those people, that solid base, is not going anywhere,” she said.

Raddatz said the No. 1 issue among the voters she spoke with was the economy, not the coronavirus.  She said she was “shocked” that many people in rural areas were not wearing masks and were predominantly concerned about businesses reopening.

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2 years ago

I don’t care about President Trumps vocabulary, I care about his accomplishments.I care because he does what he says he’s going to do. And all that without much help from Congress!

2 years ago

What people in the beltway don’t realize is that out here in flyover country, we’ve been back to normal for a long time and are working toward a bright future while the Marxists are trying to keep everyone shut down. Those of us that are Trump supporters are sickened by the things that have been done to him and the more the Marxist DNC do to try to make dirt stick to him, the more it makes us love and support him. Trump truly loves America and loves Americans. You cannot say that about anybody with a D behind their… Read more »