A Yale Psychiatrist Celebrates “Saint George Floyd” in a Manner That Reveals the Left’s Perverse New Definition of Sainthood

 A Yale Psychiatrist celebrates “Saint George Floyd” in a manner that reveals the Left’s perverse new definition of sainthood.

Our good friend Dinesh D’Souza breaks down this insane video from a Yale Psychiatrist.

How scary is it that this person is trying to educate parents on their children? As Dinesh points out, as statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Frederick Douglas are coming down, they’re putting up statues of felons like George Floyd? Really?

The Yale Psychiatry professor says she’s excited about the fact that statues of George Floyd are going up. You literally can’t make up this insanity. George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly and asked her if she wanted her child to live or die. That’s a real story America, and the radical left is making this guy into a martyr.

Dinesh: “This is all taking kookiness to a new height.”

Dinesh: “Traditionally to be a Saint, you had to be an exemplarily person. You had to do some impressive stuff. You didn’t have to be perfect, I mean think about Saint Peter. He was a flawed guy, he betrayed Jesus three times, denied him. And yet in the end he came through, and he became the Rock that Jesus himself said of the church, and he ended up being crucified, martryed upside down. So he went voluntarily to a brave death, on behalf of what he believed.”

Watch Dinesh break it down, and the insane video below.

What are your thoughts America?

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
1 year ago

Not all Black’s are that OBTUSE !! But THIS Porch Monkey needs to go back to the Zoo !!! But this is the kind of Cr&p that’s being taught to the next generation. Can they get any more MORONIC ???

1 year ago

This is beyond ridiculous it also empowers the felons out there who are of black color