A War On Religious Liberty

In this episode of A StoneWall’s Perspective Podcast, Alex interviews licensed and ordained minister since 2004, national speaker and evangelist, and podcaster, Pastor Todd Coconato. Pastor Todd appears in the media, speaks at conferences, churches, and faith-based events. He also is a faith advisor and worked in collaboration with the Trump campaign’s “faith-based team” to help organize and spiritually advise on various issues, initiatives, and speak at events. Todd is the President of the Religious Liberties Coalition (RLC), which is a non-profit, national coalition of pastors and ministry leaders.  He is also the founder of Remnant News, which is a Christian News publication. Todd is host of the radio show “The Todd Coconato Show — The Remnant” and serves as the head of Todd Coconato Ministries, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Todd is fervently praying and believing for revival and a spiritual awakening in the United States and beyond. 

In this episode Alex and Pastor Todd discuss one of the major issues that has gone on in the past year or so, which was and still is an attack on religious liberty and the right to worship. When covid-19 started to have outbreaks, it was completely reasonable to have 14 days or so to shut everything down to an extent for the stop of the spread of covid-19, however 14 days became far longer. It went from TWO weeks, to TWO months, and now almost TWO years. Within that period of time, there was a clear attack on religious liberties and the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND FREEDOM to gather and worship how individuals pleased. Governments were allowing people to be in stores to grocery shop, look for hardware, in bars to eat and drink, and in strip clubs for immoral sexual pleasure; yet churches were restricted because religious services were not deemed as essential.  Due to the restrictions on churches, there were pastors who stood up against the tyranny. Some of the pastors who stood up to restrictions on church services were Pastor Brian Gibson of HIS Church and Peaceably Gather, Pastor John MacArthur from Grace Community Church, Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller from Influence Church, Pastor Phil Hopper from Abundant Life Church, Pastor Greg Locke from Global Vision Bible Church, Pastor Todd Coconato from the Religious Liberties Coalition, and many many more. These men have fought for the constitutional right to gather and worship, and they should be appreciated for that. 

Now that we have seen what 2020 has produced, the church should never close its doors again due to a supposed public health crisis. The souls of men are at stake, while people are fearing. Hebrews 10:25 speaks directly to gathering together as Christians. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” The church should never cease to gather together, even if there are government restrictions on church services. Obedience to Christ is more important that following a government that is disobedient to Jesus. 

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