A Virus Worse Than Coronavirus Exists, It’s Socialism!

Socialism seems to have infected the minds of the American youth more than ever before, and maybe it’s the socialists that need to self-isolate before continuing to spread their bad ideas into the susceptible minds of the youth.

Ross Barkan, writer for the magazine City and State, declared in an article that Coronavirus proves “socialists are right,” and that during a pandemic “we are all socialists.” Many people who have escaped socialism to come to “the Land of the Free” probably disagree with him. They aren’t going to avoid the Wuhan virus to then embrace one they escaped in the first place.

In the article, Barkan explains that we are all winning if we surrender Health Care to the faculties of the state. He believes that we will obtain better care and it will be “free.” Except nothing is “free,” and even if it were, that means we are forcing someone to give us their labor because we perceive it to be our “right.”

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, now expert on everything as she appears to believe, has also used Coronavirus to promote her socialist agenda. She proposed that to help the American public during these confusing times, the US government needs to create a universal basic income.

Bernie Sanders has also taken the stage, and taken the time out of his busy life to note that there are too many health insurance companies competing with each other. He stated that the government should render all of them obsolete and replace them with Medicare for all as a response to Coronavirus, essentially taking away people’s choice. In the so-called “Land of the Free,” that idea doesn’t sound very American. Sanders freely admits he does not know nor cares how much this system would cost. He also ignores that Italy has a single-payer system, and it has not saved them.

A prominent twitter user, Alexis Isabel, who reflects the minds of hundreds of thousands of America’s youth, wrote on the platform that “this pandemic is showing how the US has failed by promoting individualism instead of collectivism.” Her tweet got over 100 thousand likes and over 20 thousand re-tweets. It seems she, and many others, forgot it was a collectivist culture and government which created the virus in the first place. She also forgot that because of the nature of that culture which promotes cohesiveness, when a single doctor stood up to speak out to sound the alarm, he was shut down by the powerful tentacles of the Chinese Communist Government. Be careful what you wish for Alexis.

You can read more from our friends Elizabeth Rogliani over at Trending Politics.

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