A Timeline of Religious Discrimination in America, We Must Stand Up to Tyranny

I thought it might provide some useful context if I laid out the timeline of events leading up to where we are now.
When the virus first hit we complied with the government suggestions and shut down our
services for a period of time.
• We put together a drive-through Easter egg hand out service for children on Easter weekend.
• There were less than 10 workers, all socially distanced, masked and gloved, and the health department showed up and shut us down.
• The people from my church were looking across the parking lot at McDonald’s, Starbucks, and the liquor store all serving their patrons in a drive-through capacity.
We decided that this was indeed religious discrimination and that we wouldn’t be silent about it.
• Our church organized a parking lot communion service.
• We called all of the local media outlets and told them we were going to celebrate our first amendment rights and worship the Lord through communion.
• We had a wonderful night, people showed up and worshiped, the press came out and wrote positive articles about us.
After this, the concept for PeaceablyGather.com was born.
• We decided that we would open up our church in defiance to Governor Beshear’s order.
• We put up a website and a video encouraging faith leaders from all over the country to stand against religious discrimination and open the doors to their houses of worship.
• Over the course of the next few weeks, thousands of churches locked arms and opened up.
Peaceably Gather traveled to Chicago, Illinois to come alongside Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church.
• When the racial protests and riots broke out after the death of George Floyd, Peaceably Gather went into the DC riots and preached peace on the streets right in front of the White House.
• Peaceably Gather traveled to CHOP/CHAZ and ministered the gospel in the autonomous zone for 6 days.
• Peaceably Gather traveled to California to stand with churches that were opening despite Gavin Newsom‘s executive order to keep them closed.
Why are we doing all this? Because fear and government overreach currently have 63% of the Churches in America closed. The answer to this problem is to awaken the pastors and leaders of the local church.

Will you help us in the battle for religious freedom?

You can take a stand by sharing Peaceably Gather with friends and familyand by petitioning local and state leaders to allow churches to open up, safely and responsibly.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.


Pastor Brian Gibson
Founder of Peaceably Gather
http://www.PG.Today (To Donate)
P.S. Would you consider supporting our cause? 100% of donations go towards creating awareness for this cause to people just like you. It’s estimated that over 100 million people care about this issue and many of them are unaware of what’s at stake. Every signature and every dollar makes a difference!

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John Cash
John Cash
1 year ago

After my church decided to comply with the government and trust in Fauci (pronounced falsely) instead of the Father, I quit the church.
I like watching the Shepherd’s Chapel and especially pastor Murray.
I have no use for the people who pretend to trust in the Lord and then abandon their flock.