A New Future For Oklahoma?

Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood, a neuropathic doctor in Tulsa Oklahoma announced that he is running for Oklahoma Governor on September 9, 2021. Dr. Sherwood has been in the fight against covid-19 since the start of this virus, and has treated over 9,000 covid patients with ZERO deaths. In his observation of Covid-19 and how it has been handled by Governor Stitt, he is unhappy. Dr. Sherwood believes that it is every individuals personal decision to wear a mask and get vaccinated. He has promised that he will ban any and every mask mandate or vaccine mandate.

“It is our individual responsibility and natural right to educate and determine for OURSELVES and our children which foods, drugs, medications, or medical devices we choose to use or not use!”


It is not the governments choice for you to get vaccinated or not or for you to wear a mask or not. When people start pushing this narrative that the government can do this, it becomes extremely dangerous for the American citizens. Fascist ideologies should not be welcomed into America, yet we are seeing them more and more every day from the current Presidential Administration. Dr. Sherwood vows to fight back against the tyrannical administration that is currently in the White House.

Dr. Sherwood has an Oklahoma first policy and vows to protect the Oklahoma citizens from any attack from the Biden administration.

It’s not just our Northern and Southern borders that separate us from Canada and Mexico; but also, our OKLAHOMA STATE BORDERS MATTER as well. Oklahoma is under attack from the rogue BIDEN COMMUNIST REGIME!! Even worse, we are left undefended by our current Governor Kevin Stitt, who is unwilling or incapable of leading. To share in this complacency, we have an apathetic legislature, unmotivated in protecting our natural, unalienable rights granted to us by GOD.

As your next Governor, I will be a public servant to the citizens of Oklahoma. I will NOT be COERCED OR INTIMIDATED by the lobbyist or special interest groups; On the contrary, I will serve YOU, the people of Oklahoma. As Governor, I will have the authority to fight for, defend and secure YOUR rights. Aggressively, I will oppose all manner of government over-reach whether federal or state, that infringes on the rights of Oklahomans! Prayerfully, consider joining me in the OKLAHOMA FIRST movement that is sweeping across OUR state.

Let’s TAKE BACK the liberties that rightfully belong to us before it’s too late!


Dr. Mark Sherwood

Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate 2022

– Quote from sherwood2022.com

Dr. Sherwood also has strong stances against abortion, Critical Race Theory (CRT), election integrity, tax reform, unvetted refugees, and many other issues. He believes that it is time for Oklahomans to take a stand against tyranny, and that it starts with voting into office people who will fight for their liberties. The Oklahoma primary election date is June 28, 2022. Dr. Sherwood is committed to Oklahoma first and America first policies.

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