A Dagger to the Heart of America: Congress Passes Biden’s Climate & Health Bill Crushing Middle Class

A divided and torn Congress ridiculously approved by Democrats to push the insanity of Climate Change and their socialized health care bill onto the American people.

The bill narrowly passed and was party line 220-207 with the Democrats cheering, hugging, and acting like fools that won the show survivor.

“Today, the American people won. Special interests lost,” tweeted the vacationing Biden, who was shown beaming in a White House photo as he watched the vote on TV from Kiawah Island, South Carolina. He said he would sign the legislation next week.

Does anyone really believe the guy who shakes hands with dead people and high fives people that aren’t there actually tweeted that?

“Today is a day of celebration, a day we take another giant step in our momentous agenda,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who minutes later announced the final vote as she presided over the chamber. She said the measure “meets the moment, ensuring that our families thrive and that our planet survives.”

Republicans were vehemently against the legislation that they couldn’t stop that will do nothing but harm the middle class and hard working Americans.

“Democrats, more than any other majority in history, are addicted to spending other people’s money, regardless of what we as a country can afford,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. “I can almost see glee in their eyes.”

Here’s a list of this pile of your money that’ll be wasted on absolutely stupid things that will never come to pass.

$375 billion over 10 years to encourage people to buy electric cars that are powered by coal plants. Makes since, right?

That includes $4 billion to cope with the West’s catastrophic drought. Maybe California will waste another $1 billion on a bullet train that never happens?

Another $64 billion will supposedly help 13 million people pay premiums over the next three years for privately bought health insurance. Medicare will gain the power to negotiate its costs for pharmaceuticals, initially in 2026 for only 10 drugs. What could go wrong with the people in charge of helping you live partnering with big Pharma in meetings?

Medicare beneficiaries’ out of pocket prescription costs would be limited to $2,000 starting in 2025, and beginning next year they would pay no more than $35 monthly for insulin, the extremely costly diabetes drug. What about the people not on Medicare? Do they still have to pay $1,000 for it?

The bill allegedly would raise $740 billion in revenue over the decade, and over a third would reportedly be from government savings and lower drug prices. This will supposedly come from corporations that are bigger than $1 billion. That should help job growth. Oh, and let’s not forget stronger IRS tax collection. You know, like the 87,000 armed agents they just approved.

Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., said Democrats would also “weaponize” the IRS with agents, “many of whom will be trained in the use of deadly force, to go after any American citizen.” Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, asked Thursday on “Fox and Friends” if there would be an IRS “strike force that goes in with AK-15s already loaded, ready to shoot some small business person.”

About $300 billion remain to defray budget deficits, a sliver of the periods projected $16 trillion.

Well, that’s enough depression for one night.. I sure as hell hope some of you are smart enough to stop voting for Democrats and dumbasses in 2022.

Thanks to the AP for contributing to this article.

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