A Crisis On Our Border

In this episode of A StoneWall’s Perspective Podcast, Alex interviews the founder of Warriors For Ranchers Mike Miller. Mike Miller was born and raised in the State of Texas. He is a Highly Decorated USAF Veteran who served our country overseas during Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Iraqi Freedom the war against terrorism and many more.  He took an oath to protect our great nation.  To protect and serve our country foreign and domestic.  That oath will never expire.  Mike is the Founder of Warriors for Ranchers.  He founded this organization after illegal immigrants and criminal organizations have tried to kill him, break into his cabins with his family inside, and tried to hijack his vehicle while sitting in it.  He has had enough!  Mike has decided to take a stand and be a voice for every Farmer and Rancher and American.  He is a patriot with a servants heart.  Mike has walked into the Texas State Capitol and helped to pass bills that not only benefit Farmers and Ranchers but the entire State of Texas.  Mike has grown his organization to over 23,000 warriors.

Miller is also a featured speaker at many political rallies such as Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour featuring General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Lin Wood and many other highly sought after political speakers, as well as The Liberty Conference by the Western Conservative Action Network -WeCANAct.

Mike is an American Patriot and Christian who has been working to expose the dangerous crisis at America’s southern border. There is a very real threat to American citizens from the cartel and nothing is being done about it from the Biden administration or the Abbott administration either. Mike’s mission is to fight against the dangers that Americans and Texans are being exposed to due to the weakness of the border policies, or lack therof. Mike is also fighting strongly against child sex trafficking. Child sex trafficking is one of the saddest, most evil, demonic things that is going on in this world, yet there are not many who are fighting against it. Mike is a warrior who will not back down to the dangers that face him every day because of what he is standing for.


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