95-Year-Old Texan Can’t Renew His Drivers License Unless Ge Can Prove He Was Born

This is a real news story. Yes it’s absolutely insane.

“I think it stinks,” Albert Bigler said. “It’s very important to me because it’s just like taking everything away from me.”

Albert Bigler has been a licensed driver for at least 65 of his 95 years in the state of Texas. But unless he can produce a birth certificate, the Department of Public Safety has told him he can’t renew that license.

The only problem? A birth certificate is something that Bigler, born in 1924, says he has never, ever had.

“I think I’m a pretty good driver,” he said as he began his usual weekly volunteer job at Grace Lutheran Church in Ennis. Even at 95 years old, and even on a 100-degree day, he’s the one who takes a riding lawnmower out of the church shed and mows the three acres of grass around the church.

“But, I’m nobody,” he laughed when asked about his inability to renew the license to legally drive his pickup truck from his house to church.

This past July, when his current driver’s license was due to expire, he went to the DPS office in Corsicana to get it renewed. But as he was filling out the paperwork he says he was approached by a worker in the office who wanted to make sure he had a birth certificate. He didn’t. Actually, he’s never had one.

“What county were you born in?” I asked him.

“I really don’t know. That’s the problem,” he said.

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3 years ago

Not to worry. If you don’t use your private automobile for commerce, you aren’t legally a “driver” and don’t need a license. The right to free travel on the public roadways NOT FOR COMMERCE by the current means of the day is guaranteed. The only time you need a license is to do something which would otherwise be illegal. As long as you take no fare for passengers or freight, your RIGHT to free travel can not be turned into a privilege and taxed. IF you Lyft or Uber or otherwise use your private automobile for commerce, it is no… Read more »

CorkyChad (@corkychad)

Any Genealogist can find the proof he needs. I found his baptism record in less than 1 minute. With some more research he could be able to prove his birth.