9-Year-Old Fatally Mauled by 3 Dogs on Detroit’s West Side

This is heartbreaking and gut wrenching in yet another deteriorating Democrat ran city in America.

A 9-year-old girl was fatally mauled and killed by 3 dogs on Monday while our riding her bike authorities say.

Police say the incident happened on Central Avenue and Smart Street. Her family says she rode her bike regularly, got to an alley and went to turn around. She was then knocked off her bike and was mauled. Her 12-year-old brother heard the commotion and ran to help. Her father tried to help perform CPR but it did not work.

One of the dogs was shot and killed, while the other two were secured by their owner. 

Emma was taken to Children’s Hospital. The owner of the dogs was arrested and charges are pending review by prosecutors. 

Her family created this 

seeking support for funeral costs.

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