According to a report by The Washington Post, two best friends were reunited on November 5, 2021 in St. Petersburg, Florida, after 82 years of separation, not having any idea of what happened to one another.

Both of their families fled from Berlin during the holocaust. ​Bety Grebenschikoff and Ana Maria Wahrenberg both fled with their families after their last hug in 1939, each just nine years old at the time.

Wahrenberg’s family fled to Santiago, Chile and Grebenschikoff’s family fled to Shanghai. Grebenschikoff had to flee once more a decade later during China’s communist revolution, spending a few years in Australia, before moving to New Jersey with her husband, according to the Post. Both women changed their names later in life. 

Both Betty and Ana Maria had been searching for each other for years, with each suspecting the other had been killed in the holocaust. “Every time I gave a talk at a school or college, I always mentioned Ana Maria Wahrenberg and asked if anybody knows anything,” Grebenschikoff said, according to The Washington Post.

CBS reported that the two were initially reunited over Zoom in November 2020, after an employee at the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation, which collects testimony from genocide survivors​, noticed similarities in the women’s testimonies and connected them to each other.

After 82 years and being reunited in person, Betty Grebenschikoff said, “It was like no time had passed. Of course, 82 years makes a difference, but more or less we just picked up where we left off,” The Washington Post reported.

The Post also said the women now have a weekly standing phone call and email frequently throughout the week.

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Jay Wolf
Jay Wolf
1 year ago

Nice to read a feel good article once in a while. Gives you the warm fizzles all over. Lol

Cyrene Johnson (@CyreneJohnson)

Gratifying news for these two best friends finally reunited after 82 years! Unknowing the other still alive after the Holocaust… yes indeed, Hope coupled with Love. Inspiring uplifting! Hold onto Hope forevermore.