75 Shot, 16 Dead in Chicago Last Week: Media & Dems Silent

It’s Sunday afternoon and after another violent week in the Windy City, the liberals and media are silent.

75 people were shot and 16 killed in liberal Chicago last week. Did you hear about it in the media? Of course you didn’t..

The Fake News Media doesn’t care about you, they are the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

They have one goal, they want power. The Democrats are using the media to try to usher in and control the American people. Make no mistake about it my friends, they want to rule you.

Chicago is essentially an out of control dumpster fire lacking law and order. They have yet another liberal mayor who could care less about its police officers who are fighting nonstop to curb the violence and killings.

The moral of the story? These mass shootings unfortunately as horrific as they are, they’re less that 1/10th of one percent of the gun deaths in America. You’re being played America, wake up!

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