61st Annual Grammys: Pro-Trump Fashion Represented On Red Carpet, Kaya Jones Wins Best Roots Gospel Album

Last year’s Grammys award show was the most politically charged to date with a segment that featured different celebrities (and even failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton) reading passages from the anti-Trump book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury”.

Presenters, winners, and the show’s host, James Corden chose to use their time on stage to take jabs at President Donald J. Trump.


The 61st annual Grammys had a much different political overtone with singers Joy Villa and LGBT activist and Trump-supporter Ricky Rebel both wearing pro-Trump outfits on the red carpet.

Joy Villa at the 61st Annual Grammys Award Show

Singer Joy Villa chose to attend the 61st Grammy donning a white dress designed by Designers Allinger of Desi Designs. The gown featured silver bricks, barbed wire shoulder details, a spiked headpiece reminiscent of Lady Liberty’s, and a red “Make America Great Again” purse. On the back of Villa’s gown were the words “Build The Wall.”

This wasn’t the first time Joy Villa took an opportunity on the Grammys red carpet to show her support for President Trump. At the 60th Annual Grammy award show last year, Villa chose to show her support for the president by wearing the memorable – and even controversial – “Make America Great Again” gown.

Joy Villa at the 60th Grammys Award Show – 2018

Ricky Rebel wore a white suit to the 2019 Grammys, covered in mirrored embellishments, and mirrored sunglasses, white boots and a reversible jacket that read: “Keep America Great!,” “Trump,” and “2020.”

Ricky Rebel-jacket reversed- 61st Annual Grammys Award Show

“Well, I’m Ricky Rebel, I have a new album called ‘The New Alpha’ so I wanted to wear something that represented what an alpha is and who an alpha is and I am the new alpha. I’m reflecting millions of Americans out there who voted for Trump. Keep America great. That’s right, baby. We are here. We’re here all around the world, 50 million of us. My name is Ricky Rebel and I’m a reflection of America,” Rebel told Entertainment Tonight.

Ricky Rebel at the 61st Annual Grammys Award Show

WATCH Ricky Rebel Explain His Choice Of Attire At The 61st Grammys:

“I’m not sorry for anything. I do not apologize for voting for who I wanted to vote for.” -Ricky Rebel

Winner of Best Roots Gospel Album: Trump Supporter Kaya Jones

Christian singer Jason Crabb’s album “Unexpected,” which features pro-life, pro-gun, avid Trump supporter Kaya Jones, won for Best Roots Gospel Album. Former member of Pussycat Dolls, Jones collaborates with Crabb on the song “Let It Be Love,” the 5th song on the album.


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