52 Shot, 10 Dead in Chicago Over the Weekend

In news you won’t hear in the mainstream media, 52 shot, and 10 dead over the weekend in Chicago.

The mainstream media is silent and complicit when it doesn’t fit their gun control agenda of controlling the American populace.

When will the media from Fox News to CNN talk about the dangers of Chicago? It’s literally out of control, and no one wants to address it.

Meanwhile anytime a shooting happens around the Country, they immediately beat the drum of gun control and attacking the NRA and pro 2nd Amendment conservatives.

The left refuses to acknowledge anything that doesn’t fit the narrative. Those unfortunately are the facts my friends.

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3 years ago

This is boring. Dems beat the drum about gun control and you beat the twice-as-tired “they’re going to take away my guns”. Focus on actualities. Nobody is going to ever take your guns away. Ever. It’s not even possible. Shut up about it. It’s like you just want a rallying cry and a distraction.