46 Officers Were Gunned Down in the Line of Duty This Year, Nearly One Every Week

The attack on our Law Enforcement is at a staggering rate in America, the following is from our friends at Law Enforcement Today.

Last week, we reported on how our country is facing an epidemic of police officers being gunned down while serving in the line of duty. As the year comes to a close, the amount of police officers that had their lives stolen by gunfire has now climbed to 46.

46 brave heroes that will never return home.

46 families that will be forever broken. Families that will never be the same.

46 clear images showing the attitude toward members of the thin blue line.

46 new names added to the fallen officers memorial.

As far as we’re concerned, one is too many, but one for nearly every week is downright heartbreaking.

There’s no mystery as to why this is happening, anti-police rhetoric has been thoroughly ingrained into the culture of today. We live in a world where people will claim that saying, “police lives matter” is an act of violence, but continue to root for criminals when an officer is gunned down. Where the criminal justice system is called “broken”, but police are being killed every single day and killers are going free without even having to pay bail.

We at Law Enforcement Today won’t stand for it any longer.

People have never been so emboldened as they are in today’s society to commit acts of violence against those who are sworn to protect the public. We see videos calling for cops to be killed. We had people livestreaming officer deaths to Facebook instead of lending a hand. We saw the outpouring of disrespect towards members of the NYPD as they were soaked by buckets of water while on patrol.

2019 has been a mess. And where are the leaders standing up to the injustice? Where are the ones who will protect the protectors?

If you and I don’t stand up and say, “Enough,” what will 2019 bring?

As the year comes to a close and the holidays approach, please take some time to recognize these amazing heroes that will never get to go home… and say a prayer for their families who will host an empty seat at this holiday’s dinner table.

You can see a list of every officer and their picture who was lost in the line of duty from our friends at Law Enforcement Today.

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