45th President the United States, Donald J. Trump, Condemns America Under Joe Biden

This week on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump spoke at the America First Agenda Summit. During his speech Trump dropped some massive truth bombs concerning the current condition of our country, saying, “The country that had been “made great again” has now become a “beggar nation.”

And to think, that has happened in the course of a year and a half. It took Trump four years of hard work to turn this ship back in the right direction after almost a decade of Barack Obama. All of that hard work was burnt to ash by the incompetence of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party who are more focused on building a Marxian society than they are serving the American people.

Trump went on to say during his speech, “Our country has been brought to its knees, literally brought to its knees, and who would have thought this could happen?”

What happened is the Democratic Party, long with many delicate snowflakes across the country, ensured that we would not receive another four years from the administration which began to rebuild our nation after the damage done to by asocialist in capitalist clothing.

Trump continued, “Inflation is the highest in 49 years, 9.1% and a lot of people think it’s much higher than that. Gas prices have reached the highest in the history of our country. We have become a beggar nation graveling to other countries for energy.”

“Millions of illegal aliens are stampeding across our wide-open borders, pouring into our country. It’s an invasion,” the former president added.

Trump went on to say during the speech, “Democrat-run cities are setting all-time records. Our country is being dealt one historic humiliation after another on the world stage. And at home our most basic rights and liberties are totally under siege.”

Trump then said, “The American dream is being torn to shreds, and we will not have a country left if this economic and social attack on civilization itself is not quickly reversed.”

“American First Policy Institute (AFPI) is a group of former Trump administration officials seeking to lay out the agenda of the Trump doctrine of America First, and Trump said his speech will outline how to make America great again, and how to first provide public safety,” a Newsmax report said.

Trump continued, “If we don’t have safety, we don’t have freedom, we don’t have a country. America First must mean safety first, We have to have safety.”

Trump also said in the speech, “Starting with our new majorities in Congress next year, and continuing on to the next Republican president, we need an all-out effort to defeat violent crime in America, and strongly defeat it, and be tough and be nasty and be mean, if we have to.”

The former president then added, “The mere concept of defunding the police should never again be stated or even heard. It was so dangerous.”

“America is going to hell, and it’s going to hell very fast,” Trump proclaimed.

And, isn’t that the truth?

This country is in desperate need of major change. Is that change another Trump administration? Perhaps. It would definitely be light years better than having another four years of Biden or whoever else the left might throw in the ring.

The truth is, we need someone who will restore liberty and seek to finds ways to get us back on track economically. Trump has done it once and would be apple to do it again. It will be a slow road of recovery, but with the right folks inCongress and the White House, we can begin to slowly transform our nation back into the vision our founders had of it, along with renewing our culture too.

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10 months ago

Biden is not the guy but then neither is Trump. He talks about not defunding the police and so forth but he did nothing to stop “his people” from attacking the DC police, causing terminal physical damage on over 151 PO and killing 5. Trump basically talks the talk but he is a loose cannon and all he wants is to win, whatever that might be in. So neither is any good and the country needs to find someone who is.