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In news that probably won’t stun most conservatives, but will leave some liberals joyful, guess who’s turning gay in the latest Disney blockbuster film?

That’s right, Elsa, according to Mouse Trap News will marry a woman and Anna will give her thrown up to Elsa to show Arendelle that there can be two queens. You can’t make up the level of stupidity and woeness in American and our society. It’s no wonder the world is falling apart, and America is leading the charge with woeness.

In an exclusive scoop from an inside source, it has been revealed that Frozen 3 will feature Elsa as a lesbian character, marking a significant departure from the previous installments. In this highly anticipated sequel, Elsa will embark on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately leading her to marry a woman, who will assume the role of the second queen of Arendelle. This unexpected twist comes after Anna’s brief reign as queen following the events of Frozen 2, during which Elsa was safeguarding the Enchanted Forest.

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While many specifics about Frozen 3 remain shrouded in secrecy, the basic storyline is beginning to emerge. Elsa, grappling with her mental well-being while residing in the forest, crosses paths with the enchanting Isabella. Throughout the course of the movie, a romantic connection develops between Elsa and Isabella, culminating in a joyous wedding ceremony.

In an act of profound solidarity and support, Anna willingly relinquishes her throne to Elsa and her newlywed partner, cementing Elsa and Isabella as the reigning queens of Arendelle. Anna’s decision is intended to demonstrate to the people of Arendelle that love knows no bounds and that it can flourish in diverse forms.

However, this narrative choice has ignited a maelstrom of controversy, with Elsa’s lesbian union becoming the focal point of debate in 2023. While a significant segment of the audience applauds Disney for embracing LGBT+ representation, others are vehemently opposed. For many, Elsa’s status as a queen, one of the most influential roles in the Disney canon, makes this storyline a pivotal moment in the company’s history. Some even argue that Disney has been too slow to introduce an LGBT+ lead character.

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In response to the contentious storyline, a considerable number of parents have chosen to abandon Disney, citing concerns about the purported “indoctrination” of their children. The emerging alternative, Bentkey, has gained traction as the “ultimate streaming platform designed for kids,” offering an alternative to Disney’s content.

With such a wide range of opinions on this issue, experts remain divided. Some contend that Disney’s decision to be more inclusive will lead to growth and acceptance, while others predict it will backfire, potentially causing Disney’s stock to plummet upon the release of Frozen 3.

As this seismic shift in Disney’s storytelling unfolds, we invite you to share your thoughts on Elsa’s groundbreaking same-sex marriage in Frozen 3. Join the conversation in the comments section below and make your voice heard!

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According to Mousetrap News:

An internal source has confirmed to us that in Frozen 3, Elsa will be a lesbian. She will marry a woman in the movie, who will become the second queen of Arendelle. As you may recall, at the end of Frozen 2, Anna becomes the queen as Elsa protects the Enchanted Forest. However, Elsa will rediscover herself in Frozen 3 and take back the throne from Anna.

Mousetrap News Continues..

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While many details about Frozen 3 are still unknown, we do know the basic plot line of the movie. While in the forest, Elsa is struggling with her mental health and seeks to find her true self. In the process, she comes across a beautiful woman named Isabella. Throughout the movie, Elsa develops a romantic interest in Isabella. She later comes to realize that Isabella loves her back. In the end, they get married. 

In their honor, Anna gives up the throne for Elsa and her new wife. Elsa and Isabella become the queens of Arendele. Anna does this to show the city of Arendelle that there can be two queens. Elsa and her new wife proudly show the people of the city that love can be between anyone and they should be proud of who they love. This of course is drawing a lot of controversy.

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