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Mindy Robinson recently led a protest outside of a workshop hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Las Vegas focused on stopping parents from protesting Drag Queens reading sexually explicit books to kids under the guise of “Drag Queen Story Hour.” As many of you know, this is deeply disturbing group that is backed by many pro-LGBTQ Democrats.

During this protest, a supporter of this group confronted Mindy, which quickly escalated to the point to him assaulting her. Shortly thereafter the police showed up. Instead of arresting the man committing the assault, they arrested one of the crew members from the America Happens Network who stepped in to protect Mindy.

Here’s Mindy’s description of what happened and the video of the whole incident:

We protested a sexually degenerate, Satanic club called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence here in Vegas this week. They were holding a workshop to train pedos to stop parents and concerned individuals from protesting Drag Queens from reading sexually explicit books that often feature pedophylic content and symbols to children. Then this pudgy little Groomer came over to us while we were leaving, and decided to assault me with it’s fat gunt…yet LVPD put cuffs on my friend @notspencergear instead and did nothing to that Pedo gremlin, despite it all being on video.

Feel free to call and ask the Las Vegas police to explain why they’re doing more to stop civilians from protecting children, then they are a bunch of disgusting pedophiles trying to sexually groom children.

For an added bonus, ask them why Lombardo covered up the Las Vegas shooting for the FBI. This city really was better when the mob ran it…

Event # LLV 230900098523

Metro complaint line


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By Eddie Graham

Twitter: @eddie_graham

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