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Edward Haugland’s new book The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We Can Win is a groundbreaking must-read book. With America crumbling all around us, it’s obvious that pro-America conservatives are losing the war against tyranny. While some say that we are too far gone to save this great country, Haugland lays out what we can do to win in his book.

We had an extensive discussion about the cognitive warfare that’s occurring both domestically and globally. It’s so important for people to understand what is truly going on. Throughout the conversation, there were many shocking revelations that Haugland made, including the Clapper and Comey’s intentional ignoring of the law when it comes to the Steele Dossier.

However, one of the biggest claims that he made was that Joe Biden committed biological warfare against the American people. During covid, the Biden Administration would gather up illegal immigrants into camps, creating super-spreader events. Instead of keeping them in quarantine, they would round them up and ship them around the country, ensuring that covid spread far and wide.

Watch this discussion in it’s entirety, especially as we get to the end of the show where we start talking about what you and I can do to fight back against the Deep State Powers-That-Be.

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